The original Laurel table lighters were never marketed or sold. Mr. Rose recalled
his initial design assuming it to be way too heavy as a daily user due to the massive
marble body & the added solid metal base & trim. The stamp on the bottom says

Models produced during Rosearts' first year, like this #CK 402 Franciscan tall table lighter with antique brass finish & a metal base not having the Roseart logo yet!

Same model as shown above but with high polish Zippo lighter, trim ring and base. The base is now showing the genuine Roseart logo bottom stamp.

The picture below shows an unfinished lighter cast base. These were not made by Roseart but were ordered by two local businesses located in Jamestown, NY, the Chautauqua Hardware Company & the Perios Brass Company. A third Company, the Bush Brothers Industries, located in Olean, NY, applied the 24K gold plating & the antique gold & satin finishes to the bases, trim rings and Zippo lighters.



The embossed Roseart seal from the CK #47 models above &
the oval version for the cigarette boxes & ashtrays. 
The trim rings for the CK #47 models: the older metal version on the left & and the newer plastic version on the right