The St. Bernard Gymnasium on Festival Way...

...and the St. Bernard Parish Catholic Church on 98 East Corydon Street.

Father Gallina, a dear friend of the family, enabled Kelly to use the gymnasium for the show.

And the gymnasium was the perfect location for the show to take place, have a closer look...

Thursday, July 16: set up the tables & decoration

At about 3:30 p.m. everything was cleaned up and prepared for Friday to come.

Friday morning 9:00 a.m.

Mark at the Roseart table, he did not expect the Gymnasium to get crowded that soon.

A table lighter fun contest or Roseart prototypes if you like ;-)

Melanie's stained glass version, Dana's wooden table lighter and Mark's beer can sample.

Judy Rose, Kelly's mom, just loved to be involved in the show and to talk to visitors.

Cassy & Bri were selling popcorn & Kelly was very happy about the show becoming a success.

For the very first time a concept version of the Roseart book was presented to public...

...just as the new Jade Exotic Zippo lighter and Case Knife set...

...and the Roseart table lighters and Zippo lighters made exclusively for the show.

Mike with some of his rare Zippo non-lighter pieces that can be seen in his book...

...for example a two color imprinted ultralite pocket knife advertiser...

...and a mint in box #5700 out-a-matic ashtray from 1970.

Mike talking Zippo and Melanie having fun... Claudio & Antonella too!

One of 22 pieces Claudio made for the show.

Some more of Claudio's great artwork that could be seen...

...and the one-of-a-kind Botticelli that was auctioned off during the show.

Robin and Dana did not only buy and sell at the show but...

...also brought some of their collection, unfortunately "for display only".

What an impressive Zippo Car collection!

Bullwinkle Bob


Lewis and Theresa

R.P.O. Norm

Camelman Len

Top-Hat without Tom

Bill and the Great Lakes Lighter Club gang

the GLLC  members attending the Roseart Zippo Lighter Show

Just a little bit of background information in chronological order about why there was no Click Together and no Zippo Fan Fest as announced but the Roseart Zippo Lighter Show .

Friday, April 24, 2009 6:17 PM EDT

Zippo Festival off

By Sandra Rhodes
Bradford Era

Officials at Zippo Manufacturing Co. have canceled the inaugural Zippo Fest, citing a downturn in the economy.

Zippo officials made the announcement Thursday morning. Zippo Fest, which was touted as a music-themed event, was planned for July 18.

“In the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a softening in our global sales,” said Mark Paup, vice president of sales and marketing at Zippo. “This is expected to continue in May and June.

Sales had been 3 percent below the forecast. Then, a couple of weeks ago, they started to fall off more.

After looking at the economic prognosis, executive level Zippo officials decided to be proactive and cancel the event, Paup said.

“This was not taken lightly. This is a major sales and marketing expense,” he said, adding they knew the economy wasn’t going to “turn around by tomorrow.”

Zippo also usually has an event for collectors, but as Paup pointed out, that won’t happen either.

“At this point, it’s canceled. Everything is so tied together, to hold one small component wouldn’t make sense.”

This was to be the first music-themed event by Zippo, which has held swap meets in the past. Paup added that Zippo wanted to broaden the scope of the event to include music and target the young adult male audience.

Zippo and W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery, its subsidiary, have taken turns sponsoring summer events. The next time Zippo is scheduled to sponsor an event is 2011. And while the Zippo Fest won’t occur this year, Paup said it’s too soon to count out the event all together.

“We are going to keep the playbook and hope to open it back up in the near future,” he said, lauding the efforts of Shirley Evers and Brent Tyler in planning the event.

Paup said they waited until the 11th hour to cancel the event, and then had to face the music.

“We were ready to sign the contracts” with the bands, Paup said. “It was either go or no go.”

While the cancellation is a blow to Zippo, Paup acknowledged that it could also hurt the community.

“It’s an important event for Zippo fans and collectors,” he said. “There’s a ripple effect. We are painfully aware of that. There are vendors, suppliers. It hurts their businesses.”

Main Street Manager Anita Dolan said Thursday afternoon that officials are tentatively still making plans for Bradford’s annual event, usually called Summerfest, which coincides with the Zippo event.

Bradford planners are calling the event Summer Daze, a play off Autumn Daze that is held in the fall. She added that more information will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, Paup said the Zippo brand remains strong. Given the current economic situation, businesses, including Zippo, are cautious in their orders and inventory levels.

“We want to tightly manage and allocate our marketing resources for greater impact,” he said. “Our focus is on driving sales and revenue growth for maximum return.”

All other elements of Zippo’s marketing program this year will remain as planned.

“We are doing everything we can to have a strong and healthy company moving forward.”