Bradfordís  Old  Post  Office

Built in 1913 & opened for business on February 20, 1913 it was Bradfordís first federal building. The general contractor & builder was William Hanley, noted for his constructions of two other impressive buildings & now historic landmarks in Bradford, Pa.:

The St. Bernardís Church in 1892 and the Old City Hall in 1898.
In February 2011, 98 years after the opening of the Post Office the Rose family opened their new office in Suite 102 of this historical building located at 80 East Corydon Street.

the new store sign

what an impressive entrance...

...fine wood, white marble, very elegant.

home and office gifts on display

Kelly's new office

new and vintage pieces on display

Case knife display

more collectibles on display

the new Roseart location limited edition Zippo lighter

new address on the reverse side

certificate of authenticity for the new Roseart location limited edition Zippo lighter

a new locations needs a new business card too...